Celebrating its 51st year in 2017, FEMSA – Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association – is the collective voice for companies that manufacture products and provide services for firefighters and their departments within the United States and Canada. Today, it’s more important than ever for companies in our sector to work in a united direction.

Currently, there are approximately 150 FEMSA members, and more than 80% of these companies have been members for 10 or more years. Membership into FEMSA will connect your business with others who are equally dedicated to the fire community.

8 Reasons Why You Should Join

  • Annual Conference … Held in the fall, FEMSA’s annual conference provides attendees with educational content, caucus group meetings and business and planning sessions to help you manage your business more effectively. Our annual conference is held jointly with the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA). It’s an excellent time to take off the competitive hat, and to engage with others in our field. The 2017 annual conference is slated for October 4-7 in Glendale, Arizona.
  • Buyer’s Guide … FEMSA provides an on-line listing in the association’s Buyer’s Guide for members only. Members select the categories under which they should be listed according to the products they manufacture. The Buyer’s Guide is posted on the FEMSA website (www.femsa.org), and affords a unique way for the general public to contact members directly with regard to their products.
  • Trade Show Report Cards … Ever curious to know what exhibitors think of the trade shows in our business sector? FEMSA has a Trade Show Report Card evaluation that takes direct feedback from members about the shows they’ve attended. Members find this of great value when determining where best to spend their marketing dollars.
  • Governmental Affairs Committee … This is perhaps one of the most important reasons your company needs to become a FEMSA member. Keeping the membership abreast of issues on Capitol Hill is the primary component of FEMSA’s strategic plan. FEMSA, in cooperation with FAMA, has become the eyes, ears and voice for all emergency equipment and service providers from the fire marketplace in Washington, DC. Through the restructuring and refocusing of association resources and the hiring of a dedicated Washington consultant, members are (a) actively engaged in the bureaucratic process and legislative matters that impact emergency equipment providers; and, (b) are informed of funding and emergency service grant monies to help members, and the fire departments they supply, to make best use of the available funding. A growing number of members participate each year in the “Home Day” and “Hill Day” events coordinated by the GAC. These programs help to project FEMSA’s critical role in Homeland Security and our political power to legislators and their staffers. FEMSA also has a very strong relationship with the CFSI (Congressional Fire Services Institute) which is 100% dedicated to educating Members of Congress about fire and life safety issues.
  • Firegrantdata.comFireGrantData.com is an online resource for legislators and their staff to quickly understand the impact the Fire Act Grants have had on their districts. The site includes success stories, facts about the grant program and easy access grant award history sorted by state and political districts. The site has been very well received and our usage statistics indicate that it is being used quite often by the personnel on Capitol Hill.
  • Personal Responsibility Code … In 2005, FEMSA published and copyrighted a Personal Responsibility Code (PRC). Through the PRC, members that provide emergency response equipment and services warn responders of the dangers inherent in their profession and point out that failure to follow the guidelines outlined may result in death, burns or other severe injury. This publication has been endorsed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF), the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association (FAMA), and the Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA). Members may order several formats of the PRC or enter into an annual licensing agreement to use the PRC in company literature and on their websites.
  • Statistics … In 2011, FEMSA embarked on a statistical reporting project relative to a variety of industry segments. As they are developed, only members of FEMSA can participate in and receive the quarterly and annual statistics reports. This will give you insight into market changes.
  • User Information Guides (UIGs) … UIGs are official publications of FEMSA, originally established in 1996. Manufacturers of PPE (ensembles and equipment) want first responders to know the strength of their products as well as their limitations. Proper care of garments is also addressed in the publications. FEMSA publishes 15 guides for PPE that are copyrighted and updated periodically consistent with applicable NFPA standards. The interest and participation of members in other product areas will drive the expansion of the UIG program.

The cost to join is reasonable – our fees are based upon the size of your firm and start as low as $425. Membership applications may be completed here.

NOTE: Membership dues are discounted for the first year only for new companies and companies returning to membership after at least a one-year absence. After the first year, dues return to full assessment for current and renewed members. All dues levels include a credit toward one annual conference fee to be used within one year of the company joining FEMSA.

(The membership application sets out the criteria for membership and the 2017 dues assessment schedule.)