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Paul Conway Shields earned the reputation of being America’s #1 Helmet Shield Manufacturer and an industry leader in providing the highest quality in protective gear and safety equipment through Proven Performance since 1985. Founder Paul J. Conway’s firefighting heritage runs deep through 3 generations. His father, the late Charles B. Conway, served 34 years with the New Berlin, WI Fire Department (21 of them as Fire Chief). Following his father’s footsteps, Paul extended the family legacy from New Berlin to the Milwaukee, WI Fire Department, serving for 31 years while rising through the ranks like his father before him.

Now retired, Assistant Chief Paul J. Conway understands the value of relationships and has the utmost respect for all those who protect and serve. He understands first-hand how critical it is to have the best equipment available. As our company continues grow with the adapting needs of our customers, we continue our commitment to service excellence and have established Paul Conway Fire, a division dedicated to providing the highest quality in fire safety equipment, gear and of course, the helmet shields you’ve come to know and love.

Paul Conway Fire
Our Mission
Paul Conway Fire is committed to “Protecting Those Who Protect Us.” We specialize in providing products and services that Firefighters, EMS Providers and First Responders can depend upon when it matters most.

Our Values
We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining relationships. We stand on integrity and honesty, and take pride in supporting the men and women who selflessly protect and serve our communities. We value all that they do to keep our lives safe, and we always welcome them as family.

Our Vision
We are striving to be the leading source of protective gear, safety equipment and educational resources in the country. With production facilities and a retail store in New Berlin, Wisconsin and certified dealers across the globe, Paul Conway Fire is comprised of a complete and professional in-house staff and a highly-dedicated outside staff, each of which are proud to say “We are here to serve the most important people, those who protect us, our fellow brothers and sisters – America’s Bravest.”

We source only the highest grade materials for our manufactured products and offer only protective gear and safety equipment that has been put through rigorous testing in real-world scenarios. This is evident for example, in our helmet shield standards. We use the finest leather sources, strongest adhesives, toughest stitching and best tools available to produce our shields. We bring this standard of quality to all of our products that we source. The same amount of time and effort goes into the safety gear, equipment and apparel we provide, so that you can trust and depend on them for years to come.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Our staff understands the importance of quality service. Because many of us have served or are currently serving alongside fellow Firefighters, EMS Providers and First Responders, we know how vital it is to have the most reliable equipment that’s available today. Every order is individually tracked from start to finish ensuring customer satisfaction. We also listen to and encourage your feedback, so that we can provide you with an optimal shopping experience and quality products from names you trust, while working to develop new, innovative items that are not just efficient, but are effective.

Safety Assured
All of our protective gear and safety equipment meet or exceed industry standards, and we do not carry any products that we ourselves would not feel comfortable using. Our staff works hard to research every facet of our business from the materials we use to manufacturer items to the partners whom we collaborate with, and we continuously attend training seminars, industry trade shows, and training simulations to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of technology.