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Euramco has been servicing and rebuilding axial flow pumps and turbines for the United States Navy since the 1970s. From our headquarters in San Diego, CA, home port of the Pacific Fleet, we have been principally focused on high-efficiency airfoil design and precision machining since our company was established.

Today, with our primary focus continuing to be on Naval fleet systems, we have grown into a market leader in diversified segments of specialty ventilator design and manufacturing; axial flow ventilators for hazardous locations where complete equipment explosion-proof certifications are mandatory, high-head axial flow fans for underground and below deck applications where long duct lengths with high friction losses are common, and high-velocity axial flow fans for flow path control in structural fire fighting operations.

From concept to design and manufacturing, Euramco’s in-house capabilities are second to none in our segments. From the airfoil of the impeller to the drive system (motors, ECUs, battery packs), and everything in between, we integrate the latest technologies to push the envelope of what solutions can be delivered to meet users needs.

We take the hazards of our users situations seriously and make your safety a priority. We have established processes in manufacturing, quality management, logistics and after sales service to help ensure the safety and satisfaction of firefighters, roughnecks, military personal, construction workers and all others using our equipment in dangerous environments.


RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-powered fan with hot-swap battery packs

RAMFAN EX50Li is the newest addition to the RAMFAN Fire/Rescue range. 18″ electric multip-purpose ventilator with brushless motor, Intellisense E2 controller, and 40V 6.0Ah battery packs.
Runs for up to 45 minutes at full speed with two packs installed. Can run on single pack for half time ops, and additional packs are available for 30 second swap out.
Its IP66 waterproof rating, monocoque aluminum alloy roll-cage design, hot-swap battery packs, and the advanced Intellisense E2 controller combine to make a truly unique and powerful ventilator.