The FEMSA Board developed and copyrighted the Personal Responsibility Code (PRC). The PRC serves as a “universal” warning for emergency responders to be sure they understand their role and responsibility for their own safety.

FEMSA members may enter into a license agreement to use the Personal Responsibility Code (PRC) in company literature, websites, or other marketing areas.  Here is the process:
1.  Download a copy of the license agreement, sign, date, and send it to FEMSA by mail or email.
2.  The $500 licensing fee must accompany the signed agreement.  FEMSA accepts payment by:
(a) check payable to FEMSA; mail to:
FEMSA, PO Box 147, Lynnfield, MA 01940
– or –
(b) fill out the online form below.
3.  Upon receipt of the signed license agreement and fee, the agreement will be reviewed and signed by the Board President.
4.  Once approved, you will receive notification by email, and a disk with the PRC text and setup will be mailed to you.
5.  License Agreements are renewed each year in January with membership dues invoices.


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